"What I can say about being a photographer I love my job! I love shooting weddings! The way you hold hands, that special smile or look just for each other. Capturing those moments tells the story of your relationship.I have been a professional photographer for 11 years and still love how every wedding is a direct reflection of the couple's personality.

I don't have a preference in the size of the wedding, big or small, as long as you are surrounded by the people you love.I have done weddings in backyards, hotels, amazing churches, temples, barns and event centers. My style is a mix of formats, and to capture moments filled with emotion and fun.

Fakes smiles are not allowed. I will do everything in my power to make you feel at ease. Making you comfortable is my #1 priority. Just save me a piece of cake".

                                                                                       Marcela Timson